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Емануела даде интервю за германското списание ''Autona''

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Емануела даде интервю за германското списание ''Autona'' Empty Емануела даде интервю за германското списание ''Autona''

Писане by bedridden on Сря Май 25, 2011 2:07 am

Емануела даде обширно интервю за немското списание „Autona”. Хитовата българка впечатли немската медия с невероятните си песни и видеоклипове, които Балканика МТВ излъчва и в Германия. Те потърсиха звездата на Ара мюзик и направиха специално интервю за красавицата с изумрудените очи.
Това е ...поредното доказателство за таланта и красотата на магнетичната Емануела, след като преди две години тя бе единствената българка със снимки в австралийския FHM, наскоро се похвали и с мини филм за творчеството си в Турция, а сега дава интервю и за немското „Autona”

Ето и самото интервю:

Емануела or simply EMANUELA - Bulgaria’s Hot Spot Pop
18. Mai 2011

She’s one of the most wanted celebs in Bulgaria; on TV, in magazines and on many covers, she also won many awards and makes every man’s heartbeat accelerate to the limit. So we scheduled a nice interview with the hot, lovely lady of POP about fashion, female attraction and the No Angels.

Autona: Hi Emanuela, in Bulgaria and the whole Balkan you're already a big POP-star. Are there any plans of trying to get on the West-European market? Are there any plans to release some songs in English?

Emanuela: I plan to make some tracks in English also, as I believe this way I can reach a bigger audience. All in all, I think that for a song to be noticed it is also a great matter of luck.

Autona: I always thougt that Bulgaria is more a conservative country with lots of prude people. Don't especially older people regard your videos as being too offensive?

Emanuela: (Laughing) Well, lots of people when coming to Bulgaria think that it is a grey and conservative country, marked by the communistic period, but it is not like this at all. I consider Bulgarians to be broad-minded and not conservative in any way. I try my songs and videos to reflect the reality, of course refracted through the show; sometimes they have a dose of provocation and scandal, but as a whole I don’t count on this only.

Autona: How important is it for a female Pop singer to be sexy and to be dressed in hot fashion?

Emanuela: True, it’s absolutely important for a female performer to look good, to be pretty, with maintained and modern appearance. But I don’t think this is the most important thing, above all one should rely on voice and vocal abilities, and then on making show.

Autona: Lucy Diakowska is the most famous Bulgarian singer cause she's part of the band NO ANGELS. Do you know her personally?

Emanuela: Yes, we have met – she is attractive and different. But in general, I don’t have much time to meet my colleagues, I barely manage to do all my duties, sometimes I’m so busy and stressed out… but it’s normal and it doesn’t bother me, honestly working fills me with energy.

Autona: Do you also have any ambitions to perform in Germany?

Emanuela: Of course I do! I’d love to give a concert in Germany; I’d also take part in a Bulgarian-German project.

Autona: Do you have any international musical idols?

Emanuela: Sure, I’m a huge fan of Christina Aguilera, Beyonce, the Italian singer Laura Pausini. Even if you don’t believe it… I also like music like Rammstein, who were in Bulgaria recently.

Autona: Well, you should also try something like that …

Emaunela: (laughing)

Autona: Do you have some special plans for 2011 yet?

Emanuela: I have already finished/released a duet with the Turkish star Serdar Ortac, now I prepare new interesting projects that are still confidential, but I wouldn’t mind making a duet with a German Pop Star.

Autona: Thank you so far for the interview and if I have someone in mind who fits I’ll let you know (laughing).

Emanuela: Thank You!

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